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"Segueway to Success" is our weekly internet radio show dedicated to the success of the small business.  It airs each Wednesday on blog-talk radio at 15:00 Central Time (US).  You can listen live, or at your convenience from the archive - just follow the links below!


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Archives from 2012:






September 2013


September 18;  After a couple of weeks of technical problems that we finally have resolved, we'll be airing "Seg2Success - International Travel Safety"


September 4;  Listen to our "Segueway2Success - International Travel Safety" show as we talk to "RB" - our international security expert - a former member of the U.S. military who has spent his post-military career aiding individuals with safety and security issues all over the globe.  He will provide safety tips for the business person who needs to undertake foreign travel without the benefit of IBM’s private security force keeping watch over them by night. 


Any business person contemplating travel to Syria now would certainly think twice as to the true business urgency to the trip as they may very well find themselves on the wrong end of a U.S. missile launch during their stay.   The threat of danger is bold and obvious and the prudent business decision to be made is “don’t go”; for safety reasons.


But what about overseas business travel in  a less obvious, but still dangerous, situation.  Foreign lands each present their own unique set of circumstances and issues that the business traveler should consider prior to getting their passport stamped.  This could range from kidnapping threats in Mexico, to civil unrest in the Middle East, to the veiled and mysterious ways of a totalitarian government wrapped in the very different cultural blanket that is China.  It could also mean understanding the differences within countries of the more mundane matters of street crime and police procedures.


Travel safe!





August 2013


August 21;  Listen to Brent and Tom on their "Segueway2Success - Ten Tips for Better Negotiating" show. 


August 19;  Read our latest blog, "10 Tips for Better Negotiating"


August 7;  Listen to our conversation, "Segueway2Success - Understanding Unemployment Measures", with Matt Jensen of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).


The U.S. Department of Labor released the July unemployment numbers last Friday.  The rate ostensibly fell from 7.6% to 7.4%.   That’s good news, right?  Wrong.  There is nothing good about the unemployment numbers and yet as a measure it shows improvement.  There is something fundamentally wrong when our government uses a mathematical measure that is inherently flawed, and requires deep-dives into detail to unravel,  to indicate a key performance measure of our economy and report to its citizens.  What might be even more disconcerting is when the media accepts the number on its face and does not aggressively expose the underlying flaws to the public.


We welcome back Matt Jensen from AEI to the program.  AEI is an internationally recognized free market oriented think tank studying maters of political and economic import.  Matt takes listeners behind the calculation of the unemployment rate commonly cited in the media and tell listeners how to view that number and its monthly characterization by politicians, and in the press, with a more jaundiced eye.


Here's Matt's co-authored article, "Tracking the Unreported (15.6%) Unemployed" from January 2012.





July 2013


July 31;  Listen to Brent and Tom discussing Tom's six week work experience this summer in Beirut, Lebanon; "Segueway2Success - Beirut Project"


July 17;  Join us on our "Segueway2Success - Successful Start Up" radio show as we speak with Brett Stein of Brett Anthony Foods, a company established in 2009 to fill a void in the commercial food service and wholesale foods marketplace by operating a consistent, custom commercial kitchen capable of producing quality gourmet foods in volume, as demanded by today's commercial food service purveyors. 


July 10;  This week's radio show, "Segueway2Success - Business in the High School Classroom" features Brian Whalen who teaches business in a local high school.  Listen in to hear what's happening.


July 3;  Our 4th of July special programming includes movie trivia with attorneys Ben Shapiro and Rich Hellerman of the law firm Roetzel and Andress. Listen here: "Segueway2Success - Movie Trivia





June 2013


June 26;  Listen to "Segueway2Success - Market Research" as Brent and Tom talk with Priscilla Wallace, founder and CEO of New Marketing Network about market research.


June 19;  Our latest show "Segueway2Success - Two Tickets!" features Max Waisvisz, owner of Gold Coast Tickets as we talk about the business of ticket brokering.


June 12;  Join us on our "Segueway2Success - Banking Regulations" radio show as we speak with attorney Ben Shapiro of Roetzel and Andress as we talk about the emerging world of bank regulation.


June 5;  This week we hear about the results of Tom's quest to run 100 Miles last weekend:  "Segueway2Success - 100 Mile Results





may 2013


May 28;  Listen to "Running 100 Miles - Segueway2Success" as Brent and Tom talk about what running, and especially running 100 miles, has to do with business - more than we could ever have imagined when Tom started on this insane challenge! It has been similar to that of an entrepreneur, the small business, or even the corporate leader pursuing an opportunity!


"In today’s instant gratification society we are conditioned to expect immediate results, and yet often lose sight that success is the result of long-term determination and the dedicated pursuit of a goal."


May 26;  Our latest blog "Running 100 Miles" is posted!!


May 22;  Join us on our "Segueway2Success - Generational Change in the Family Business" radio show as we speak with John Jensen of Jensen IT and discuss transitioning the family business.  John is second generation in a company started by mom and dad.  He has entered new markets and products since joining the firm and has the long-term growth and success of the company in his hands. 


May 21;  This week's blog of which the title is pretty self explanatory, is here:  "Generational Change in the Family Business"


May 15;  Today's show is a continuation of last week's discussion with Eliot Silber and Mimika Papavasiliou of What's Happening! Community Newspapers but we transition into talking about what they are hearing from the communities and small business that they interact with every day - listen live, or archived here.


May 13;  Our latest blog, News, Newspapers, and Communities is now posted.


May 8;  Today we are joined by Eliot Silber and Mimika Papavasiliou of What's Happening! Community Newspapers to talk about the changing landscape of news for the community and small business - listen in to the archived show here.


May 1; Join us on today's Segueway to Success radio show, "Tipping the Marketing Guerilla, Part II" as we continue speaking with Larry Rosenthal, founder and owner of Unique Upholstery, Carpet & Rug Cleaning.  This is a continuation from our April 10th show - the link can be found below.





april 2013


April 24;  On today's Segueway to Success radio show, "The Free Market Way" - Brent and Tom talk to Joe Bast, President and CEO of The Heartland Institute, the Chicago based free market think tank.


April 17;  Listen to today's show as we were joined by Linda McCabe, founder and CEO of Optimal Level to talk about Professional Development.


April 10;  Listen to Segueway to Success - "Tipping the Marketing Guerilla" - with our guest Larry Rosenthal, founder and owner of Unique Upholstery, Carpet and Rug Cleaning Inc. as we talk about effective marketing tactics in today's economy.


April 8;  Our blog for this week, "Tipping the Marketing Guerilla" is now posted


April 2; We'll be replaying our show on Commercial Real Estate tomorrow so that we can focus on our client's needs.  Join us next week for a new live show.




march 2013


March 27; Our guest Linda McCabe, founder and CEO of Optimal Level lost her voice today (not good for radio!) and wasn't able to make our show this week - we wish her a speedy recovery and will have her back soon.  So this week's show, originally titled, "Professional Development - Segueway to Success" was a survey of the privately owned business market place as currently being experienced by the Segueway partners. 

UPDATE:  Linda joined us on our April 17 show - see above.


March 22;  Our latest blog is posted here:  Coaching and Professional Development 


March 13;  Listen to this week's talk show, "What is a Segueway?" where we share our story - how Segueway got started, what type of services we offer, and how we work with clients.


March 6; Listen to our weekly talk show Wednesday at 3:00 pm on Blog Talk Radio as we talk about "Factoring as a Segueway to Success" with our guest, Debra Wilson, President of Vertex Financial, a receivable financing and asset based lending firm based in Dallas, Texas.


March 4; This week's blog is now up: "Factoring as a Segueway to Success"






february 2013


February 27; Listen to our blog talk radio show on what you need to know about Commercial Real Estate Appraisals, as we talk to David Kunkel, founder of David Kunkel & Associates - a Lisle, Illinois based Commercial Real Estate firm.


February 25; This week's blog, Commercial Real Estate Appraisals - An Inside Story has just been posted 


February 20; Listen to our blog talk radio show as we cover the most difficult part of making a business merger or acquisition successful - finding the best practices through Blending the Business Cultures


February 20;  Read this week's blog:  Business Culture Blending 


February 13;  Listen to our blog talk radio show discussing "Entrepreneur or Businessperson" with our guest, Jill Gordon, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and co-founder of Chicago based Kidsnips


February 11;  Our weekly blog is now up:  "Entrepreneur or Businessperson?"


February 6;  Listen to our blog talk radio show discussing Banks and Business with our guest Don Leighton, SVP Commercial Banking Division Head at Barrington Bank & Trust


February 4; Our weekly blog is now up: Banks, Businesses, and the Business of Banking





January 2013


January 30; Listen to our blog talk radio program as we are joined by David Frank, President and General Counsel of SomerCor 504 and we talk about the SBA 504 Loan Program - Is it Right for Your Business?


January 30;  Our weekly blog is now up:  SBA 504 Loans - Is it Right For Your Business?


January 23; Listen to Business Success Do's and Don'ts - Part 2


January 16; Listen to our blog talk radio program as we are joined by Matt Jensen, Senior Research Associate at the American Enterprise Institute, as we talk about Think Tanks, the Economy, and Taxes


January 13; Our latest blog - Think Tank, Taxes, and Holidays


January 9;  Listen to our blog talk radio show with attorney Ariel Weissberg talking about Bankruptcy, how it works and what it really means 


January 9; Read our latest blog - Bankruptcy is an Option


January 2;  Listen to our blog talk radio show discussing Business Success Do's and Don'ts


January 1; Our first blog of the new year - Business Success Do's and Don'ts - is now posted.






December 2012


December 26; Listen to Segueway to Success, live at 15:00 Central Time


December 19;  Listen to Segueway to Success - Finding Waldo, Recruiting in Today's Job Market live at 15:00 Central Time


December 16;   Our blog on Recruiting in Today's Job Market is now posted  


December 12; Listen to Segueway to Success - Commercial Real Estate archived on blog talk radio


December 5; Listen to Segueway to Success - Leadership and Management archived on blog talk radio





November 2012


November 30; Our latest blog, "Getting Someone to do What You Want Them to do Because They Want to do it - Leadership and Management" is posted


November 28;  Listen to this week's archived hour long blog talk radio show, "Segueway to Success - Understanding the Mortgage Market, Yesterday and Today"


November 23;  Our latest blog, "Understanding the Mortgage Market, Yesterday and Today" is now posted 


November 21;  Listen to this week's blog talk radio show, "Segueway to Success - Employee Benefits for the Privately Owned Business - From Headache and Risk to Competitive Advantage" 


November 19;  Brent is interviewed by Mike Boehler of Linked Local Network - watch the video on You Tube.


November 19;  Our latest blog, "Employee Benefits for the Privately Owned Business - From Headache and Risk to Competitive Advantage" is now posted


November 14;  Listen to this week's blog talk radio show, "Segueway to Success - Our Employees, Ourselves, and Our Aging Relatives - Keep Business on Track"  


November 8; Our latest blog, "Our Employees, Ourselves, and Our Aging Relatives - Keep Business on Track" is now posted.


November 7; Listen to our one hour special blog talk radio show on Linked Local Network, "Segueway to Success - Election 2012" discussing the business implications of the US election results.


November 2: Our latest blog, "Election 2012 - What it Means for Your Business" is now posted.






october 2012


October 30; You can listen to Brent on the panel at Linked Local Network's "Capital Availability for Start Ups and SMBs in Today's Market"


October 26; Our latest blog, "The Changing OEM Model - Made in the USA?" is now posted!


October 25; Tom was the Global Business Expert Speaker at eQuest Global Group, Inc.'s "The Power of Cultural Collaboration" seminar, where he spoke about Working More Effectively Across Cultures.  Click here for more information.





October 24;   Listen to this week's blog talk radio show - "Segueway to Success - Restaurant Style"



Listen to internet radio with LinkedLocalNetwork on Blog Talk Radio


October 19;  Check out our latest blog, "Segueway to Success - Restaurant Style"



October 17;  We are proud to announce our inaugural weekly talk show on blog talk radio titled, "Segueway to Success - Thriving in the New Business Climate"  Listen here.




October 3; Brent will be a panelist on the "Leading the Pack, Small Business Accelerator" panel during Crain's Small Business Week.  Please join us at 8:30 am at 20 S. Clark, 14th Floor.  


For more information, please visit the SBAC or Crains Small Business Week website to register.









September 2012


September 6; Tom and Brent were interviewed by Mike Boehler and Fred McMurray of Linked Local Network.  You can listen to the 20 minute interview on blogtalkradio. (we start at minute 5)



September 11; Lisle Women in Business Luncheon, Lisle Area Chamber of Commerce Brent again presented, "David vs Goliath: Successfully Negotiating Against the Big Guys (Gals)"






july/august 2012


August 10; NW Suburban Engaging Speakers.  Brent presented, "David vs Goliath: Successfully Negotiating Against the Big Guys (Gals)"





Brent at The Incubator:

Brent Speaking at Incubator    Brent Q and A at Incubator



On July 26 at 4:00 pm, Brent will be presenting "Financing Your Business in the Post 2008 Economy: Don't Give Up, Adapt!"  at The Incubator, Technology Innovation Center, 850 Davis Street, Evanston.  See here for details.





MaY/june 2012


On June 2nd Tom completed his fourth ultra marathon by running the Kettle Moraine 100k in Wisconsin.  He finished in 16 hours 19 minutes.  





On May 17, Segueway presented "Tips for Successfully Financing Your Business" to the entrepreneurs at B.I.G. [Believe Inspire Grow] in Batavia, IL.  


These are our handouts:  Tips for Financing your Business




March/April 2012


On March 15, Brent's latest column titled, "Understanding Differences Yields Better Results" appeared in the Daily Herald Business Ledger.





February 2012


February 9; Brent was on the expert panel of the Daily Herald Business Ledger's Newsmaker Forum on Banking and Finance: Raising Capital, held at the Hilton Lisle/Naperville.  Read the Daily Herald's article on the event.


Brent and Tom at Newsmaker Forum       Brent at Newsmaker Forum



February 10; Tom spoke on "The Power of Culture" at the Engaging Speakers event in Elk Grove Village.






January 2012


On January 5, Brent's column titled, "Why financing your business won't be easier in 2012" appeared in the Daily Herald Business Ledger.


Brent to speak at Daily Herald Business Ledger's Newsmaker Forum on Banking and Finance on February 9, 2012. News Maker Forum Announcement