"You don't understand,

things are different here."

Cultural differences are recognized as strengths and opportunities 

                    to be leveraged for business success


International business is based on sound principles, strong relationships, and effective communication.  Different cultures, languages, and legal systems provide unique obstacles to closing a deal or establishing and maintaining a profitable business arrangement.


Based on over twenty years of experience living and working in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America we are a perfect addition to the professional resources you rely on to be successful.  We can take the lead or provide additional support to ongoing initiatives that involve an international component, in either developed or emerging markets.


We provide support to a range of international players; from the international novice to the seasoned company, from US companies reaching abroad to developed or emerging markets; and international companies reaching into the US.


Some situations where we can help:


Growth Initiatives

  • Determining if "international" is right for you
  • Developing and implementing cross border strategies
  • Finding, assessing, and entering a new foreign market
  • Finding the right JV partner abroad
  • Assessing a possible acquisition target
  • Assessing a possible merger partner
  • Facilitating post merger or acquisition integration


Improvement Initiatives

  • Managing a project in another country or that crosses borders
  • Improving foreign location performance
  • Managing cross border risk
  • Managing credit risk in other countries
  • Performing credit risk due diligence in foreign countries
  • Implementing an initiative involving foreign locations
  • Improving a relationship with a foreign business partner



Learning what should change and what should remain the same as you cross borders is an art, not a science.  We have a unique talent based on reason and experience that will help you identify what is a difference of substance versus a difference of style when involved in the global market place or in a foreign market.