"I just need to get this situation behind me

so I can move on."

From our work in over 30 different industries, we've selected a few samples of

                                     how we've helped our clients:






Negotiated Forbearance Agreement with bank of family owned business on the verge of default followed by negotiation of the restructured bank debt allowing the business to continue operations and make its debt payments.


After company’s repeatedly failed attempts over months to negotiate a renewal for an asset based operating line of credit with their bank, Segueway secured the extended renewal allowing time for the company to pursue its recapitalization efforts.





Problem resolution


Assisted a failing aggregator of discount healthcare provider benefits; formed a unique co-management arrangement with one of the healthcare network owners that allowed the failing company to become a broker, retain residual income and avoid bankruptcy.


Segueway created a complex “extraction package for a multi-generational family owned business where needs and objectives were at odds and where the company was struggling.  This allowed the company to change operating entities without the costs and perils of bankruptcy and allowed contributing family members to retain control.







Segueway established $10 million in trade credit with large, name-recognized trade creditors for a start-up company in an industry so unique that no SIC yet existed.  Also negotiated an investment in the new entity from one of those creditors; something it had not done in over 90 years of operation.


Segueway creatively sourced interim funding for a technology company in need of time to refine its product offering and prepare for recapitalization.  This included the company’s product manufacturer “factoring the client’s receivables for free; having the payroll company advance 90 days worth of payroll on a rolling basis; having unsecured trade creditors convert delinquent payables to term debt, and having some outsiders familiar with the company extend short term credit.


Segueway developed program, ministry, and fund-raising structures for a not-for-profit in the religious community.  The fundraising program was so unique and effective it was subsequently mimicked by other affiliated organizations with significant success.







Served as the interim CEO of a retail beverage company:  assisted the company in establishing distribution in 11 identified classes of trade, sourcing interim bridge funding and negotiating a nationwide distribution contract for “big box retail with a national CPG company.


Assumed the financial helm of a $30 million, multi-location retail entity to avoid bankruptcy.  Over an eighteen-month period Segueway successfully managed to divest the struggling operations of three non-performing locations, negotiated arrangements with all trade creditors (no lawsuits were filed), implemented tight budget and cash-control procedures, obtained interim bridge funding and secured long-term bank funding.


Assumed responsibility for the business operations of a manufacturing co-packing company in the consumer beverage industry, and negotiated and secured contracts with some of the nation’s largest and most widely recognized beverage brands.  This represented complete management of the sales cycle from origination to close (including contract construction and negotiation).





Over our twelve year history we've worked in over 30 different industries and find that our clients benefit from our ability to transfer relevant experiences across industries.  


These industries include:


Financial Services

Automotive Finance (consumer & com’l)

Captive Finance

Commercial Banking

Mortgage Brokering

Private Equity

Real Estate Finance



Automotive (Int’l distribution)

Auto Parts (Wholesale)

Beverage Packaging

Food Manufacturing


Real Estate

Building Contractor

Real Estate Development





Retail Food

Retail Clothing


Technology Services

Discount Provider Network

Fiber Optics

Video Analytics

Video Surveillance Technology

Web Based Training

Commercial Services


Health Care


IT Services




Country Club

Health Club

Not for Profit

Private Label Product Development