"My management team is great,

but I need some fresh, experienced, outside input."

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Brent Hamachek

Brent HamacheckBrent spent the first fifteen years of his professional life working in the banking industry. He worked in six different sectors of banking including audit, credit, and the last nine years as a commercial banker.

For the last eleven years, Brent has worked in over twenty different industries helping business owners do the things that their own skill sets or time constraints made difficult. Brent has sat at the desk of CEO, CFO, and head of sales during that time frame.

The diversity of Brent’s business background is best evidenced by the breadth of his engagements which in part have included:

  • helping to start up and establish financing and trade credit for a company so unique no sic code existed;
  • opening a restaurant location for a Chicago based group and selling off two struggling locations;
  • fully recapitalizing an IT company;
  • selling major distribution agreements for a beverage company;
  • averting bankruptcy for a food manufacturing company and creating a path for long-term financial success
  • managed corporate attorneys in litigation matters as both Plaintiffs and Defendants with successful outcomes for both


While the term “generalist" is often used in business, it is not always an appropriate label. Brent is a generalist with a proven ability to fill numerous roles within a business and to solve the problems no one else can solve.
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Robert M.R. Risner 

Rob has had a diverse career which has combined business knowledge with military-based security training. Beginning in investment banking with Drexel Burnham Lambert, Rob worked in the high yield bond department and then in mergers & acquisitions. He has provided in-depth intelligence/due diligence on a variety of projects ranging from a small biotechnical start-up to multi-million dollar financing structures for transnational firms. After a stint in the military, Rob returned to the consulting arena with a boutique management consulting firm that practiced primarily in the UK, Central Europe, and Asia. Those projects included work with companies involved in pharmaceuticals, electronics, and film media.  


Due to his unique background formed during his military service, he was often called upon to assist in ‘unusual’ security-related projects, outside of his normal consulting duties. His contacts in both the military and intelligence arenas made him a valued resource when things went sideways and personnel or assets needed to be extracted and delivered to more stable countries. His most recent project was the planned extraction of personnel in an unstable Middle Eastern country not particularly friendly to the West. 


Some of the industries where Rob has applied his skills with security, startups, and M&A are:


  • Automotive (both Big 3 and Major Supplier/distributors
  • Printing and print media
  • Electronics
  • Film distributor/Studio post acquisition
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Furniture
  • Cosmetics