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Brent Hamachek Time For A Turning Point Segment with Phil Cowan
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Accelerate Your Success – Brent Hamachek – Reason
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Gun Freedom Radio
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February Heartland podcast with Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA
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Year End Business Tips & Trends with Brent Hamachek on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON
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Brent Hamachek’s Business & Politics/CPAC on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON
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True Mentors Summit 2017 – CEO Brent Hamachek – Sales & How To Get It Right The First Time
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Brent was interviewed for two one hour segments on his book “How America Broke its Wings” on the show Constitutionally Speaking aired in Tampa, Florida.
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Brent is interviewed on The Joe Walsh Show regarding his book “How America Broke its Wings.”
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The Legal Power Hour – with Guest: Brent Hamacheck
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Brent Hamachek – Reason Vs Emotions In Buisness – True Mentors
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Brent Hamachek – 3 Tips – True Mentors
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Brent Hamachek – Accelerate Your Success Promo – True Mentors
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February 8th, 2017 The Heartland Institute Event
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On April 21, the Vassar College Libertarian Union invited Segueway Business Con­sulting Practice CEO Brent Hamachek came to Vassar and challenged the integrity of the Unit­ed States’ traditional political structure with a lecture titled “How America Broke Its Wings: The Causes and Effects of the Right-Left Di­vide and How to Repair It.”
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Brent spoke at the Mom+Baby 2nd Annual Legislative Luncheon Thursday, April 14th at 11:00 AM in SKOKIE, IL.
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See Brent lecture on his book “How America Broke its Wings-the cause & effect of the right-left divide and how to repair it” in Glenview Illinois.
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See Brent lecture on “How to Argue Effectively” in West Palm Beach, Florida
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Brent spoke for Better Business Planning on “Financing your business:  the right way, the wrong way, the real way” in Downtown Chicago.
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Brent spoke for TEC (The Executive Committee) on “Business Development, Sales, and Marketing:  how to plan efficetively” in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
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Brent speaks as part of a blue-ribbon panel of experts at the 2012 Business Ledger Luncheon.
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Brent speaks at Malone University in Canton, Ohio on his book “How America Broke its Wings.”  Talk sponsored by the campus chapter of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.
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Brent speaks at King’s College in Manhattan on the “Art of Persuasion.”

Brent speaks at the April 2016 Intercollegiate Studies Institute Leadership Retreat in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Time for a Turning Point: Setting a Course Toward Free Markets and Limited Government for Future Generations

It is clear that there is frustration on the part of many Americans with the general direction of the nation.  There has been an abandonment of the principles of free markets and limited government upon which America was founded.  We didn’t get to this point overnight and its going to take more than one or two election cycles to reverse it.  In this book, Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk, and co-author Brent Hamachek, share their vision of a future America where we the people have once again embraced free markets and limited government.  Unlike other books on the sad state of American liberty, they discusses what needs to be done and how it needs to be done to restore America’s freedom.  

In the book’s early pages, the authors offer a glimpse into the futuristic world of a character they’ve named “Julio.”  Julio’s world stands in stark contrast to that of “Julia,” the fictional government-dependent lass from Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.  Julio lives an entire life surrounded by free markets and liberty and uses it to help himself and others along the way.  Once the story of Julio concludes,  the authors spend the rest of the book giving the reader a playbook as to how make Julio’s fictional world a reality.

In the final chapter, the authors share a unique and compelling account of how America has come to be so divided; through a combination of historical events, corruption of language, and the formation of “teams.”  They create a brand new paradigm through which citizens can view issues and engage in useful and productive debate.


How America Broke its Wings

Original research and theory exploring the development
of the political division paralyzing America today.
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Capitalism Cures

Even Bono has come to embrace the principles of the free market.
Learn the social justice argument for capitalism.
Download now for free!  |  Also available in Spanish


How much has the unleashing of capitalism allowed humanity to progress
in a very short period of time?  Find out.
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10 Ways Big Government Harms You

If you need examples of why and how a large federal bureaucracy
limits freedom, here are ten.
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Game of Loans

The student loan crisis and the soaring cost of college aren’t that hard
to understand; at least for those who follow “Game of Thrones.”
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The Healthcare Games

Read how today’s new and improved health care system is similar
to the futuristic world featured in “The Hunger Games.”
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