Segueway Solutions Inc. Solving unsolvable business problems since 2000.


Brent Hamachek founded Segueway at the beginning of 2000.  Working with privately owned businesses, Brent has had over 120 engagements since then and has worked in 70 different industries.  He works with companies in every stage of the business life cycle from startup to turnaround and has sat at the desk of CEO, CFO, EVP of Sales, and EVP of Business Development on behalf of client companies.  Brent and his team are known for being able to find ways to solve business problems thought to be unsolvable by others.  He has the proven ability to help companies with both sides of their balance sheet and the top and bottom half of their profit & loss statement.

Brent is a published author and a professional speaker. He has had extensive public speaking experience on a wide-range of business, political, and economic topics.  He also has had opinion piece columns published in Chicago-area business and general community newspapers. He is a former talk radio show host on the Linked-Local network and a past extension curse instructor for the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin.  He is a high honors graduate from Lake Superior State University and an honors graduate from the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin.  He has also studied theology at Loyola University.

Brent is a member of the Advisory Council to Turning Point USA, a 501C3 campus group dedicated to spreading the message of free markets and individual liberty to college and high school students across the country.
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