Segueway Solutions Inc. Solving unsolvable business problems since 2000.


Brent Hamachek is the founder of his consulting company Segueway.  He has been called a “visionary disruptor” because of his ability to see possible outcomes and potential pathways that other people looking at the same situation have not yet been able to see.  Brent’s greatest strength is his capacity to formulate and communicate ideas, and to understand the communication of others.  He is a best-selling author, co-writing Time for a Turning Point with Charlie Kirk in 2016.   His words and ideas have been used in a successful Presidential campaign and he has spoken at The United Nations on gender issues in the workplace.  He speaks to groups and trains professionals around the country on a variety of topics.  He is a frequent guest on radio broadcasts and is a regular nationally published ghostwriter on a variety of political topics.  He creates social media content on behalf of various high-profile figures.  Bent serves on a variety of boards and committees at both the local and national level.

Based in Glenview, IL, Segueway was formed in 2000 to serve the diverse needs of the privately owned business market.  Segueway has worked on over 150 client engagements in 70 different industries.  Segueway works with companies in all stages of the business life cycle (startup, growth, mature, turnaround), and helps them with management, sales, finance, and funding.  In short, Segueway and its affiliated law firm, Fisher Cohen Waldman Shapiro doesn’t help a company solve a problem; they completely address situations.  Segueway can also facilitate the funding of privately owned businesses, helping them to secure monies from both debt and equity sources.
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