Accomplishments. Spanning many years-industries-services.

From our work in over 70 different industries, we’ve selected a few samples of how we’ve helped our clients:

As of February 2016, Segueway has worked on over 120 engagements in approximately 70 different industries.  An impressive, referenceable track record has been built from business start-ups to turnarounds and everything in between.  Here are just a few examples of Segueway to success:

For a well-known destination entertainment location in downtown Chicago, Segueway created a comprehensive negotiating strategy to resolve problems with the client’s commercial bank, landlord, large vendor, and IRS.  Once the strategy and its interlocking pieces were designed, Segueway then embarked on an 18 month long process with the client that eventually concluded with every adverse situation resolved as planned and the client company saving $1 million in the process.

Segueway designed the strategic plan for a long-established downtown Chicago financial intermediary.  Recognizing the client’s susceptibility to changing market conditions, Segueway created a strategic plan designed to make the client less volatile in terms of financial performance.  It also reinvented the client’s approach to access points in the marketplace to open paths to revenue that had not previously been contemplated.

A landmark Chicago retail business found itself at significant risk due to overexpansion into unprofitable satellites that were draining the cash flow of the parent operation placing the entire entity in peril.  Segueway created a comprehensive plan that allowed the company to jettison its failed operation sites, renegotiate vendor debts, and retrench back into profitable operations at its flagship location.  Segueway also successful sourced both short term bridge financing and long term institutional financing.  The client avoided having any creditors file suit against them as a result of Segueway’s proactive approach.

A Chicago area food manufacturer called upon Segueway to help get a handle on their meteoric growth they had experienced in the first four years of their operation.  Segueway’s work fundamentally impacted the company in nearly every aspect of its operation including site relocation, increased product pricing, lower key vendor costing, labor force restructuring, and new bank financing.  Today the client continues to experience solid growth but without capacity constraints nd at better gross profit margins; largely owing to the work performed by Segueway.

A Suburban Chicago company in the technology field called upon Segueway to help sell its product into a national restaurant chain.  Using proven methods of networking, business development, sales strategy, and strategic partner selection, Segueway was able to successfully complete the sale placing the client company’s technology into approximately 80 U.S. locations.

A Wisconsin-based manufacturer operating successfully after more than 40 years in business wanted to expand its market presence.  Segueway stepped in and using its proven and methodical approach created first a business development plan that identified new market entry points, then a sales plan to successfully generate and close leads through those entry points, and finally a marketing plan to create messaging consistent with, and in support of,  the business development and sales plan.  This focused market approach has inspired the client to set a projected growth level of 100% over the next 24 months.

For a long-established manufacturer in the CPG space, Segueway spotted the client did not have basic dashboard reporting to monitor key measures and activities regarding the company’s daily performance.  Working with all departments, Segueway charted activities throughout the entire organization including the complete work-in-process cycle.  The result of the project was the creation of 20 key company performance measures, sorted by responsibility area, which tracked everything from job progress to employee morale.  The client company no longer has to manage by crisis but by very early exception.

For numerous client companies Segueway has created the content for their external messaging.  This has included, but not been limited to: Twitter feeds, Linked In descriptions, email blasts, web based video scripts, television commercial scripts, press releases, and written informational publications.  Whatever the content need, Segueway has experience in providing it for the client for impactful use in the marketplace.