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Seminar Topics

The “Force” of Leadership: Recognize it in yourself; in others; Harness it for good not evil

In the midst of today’s Star Wars’ hysteria, references to “the Force” are very common.  In the movie series, The Force is something found in some, absent in most, and not always recognized as being present either by friends or the people themselves who possesses it.  Once recognized, it needs to be mastered and controlled, then turned either toward good or darkness.  Leadership works EXACTLY the same way as a Jedi’s Force.  Existing in some but not all,  it is not always apparent.  Left undetected it can go waste.  But when its existence is spotted it can be honed to create a leadership “Master.”  We also always take for granted that being a leader is a positive attribute.  It isn’t.  As is the case with any other attribute, leadership is value-neutral until it is put to work.  Having leaders in your organization who choose to employ their skills with darkness can be incredibly destructive and must be confronted.  Be prepared to hear numerous real-world stories and share in laughter along the way as we explore together “The Force of Leadership”.

David vs. Goliath: Negotiating Against the Big Guys

When asked, most business people will describe themselves as being a “tough” negotiator.  What they really mean is that when they are in a position of power they try to exploit it to their full advantage.  It’s easy to negotiate when you hold all the cards.  What about when the party on the other side of the table is bigger and stronger than you?  This presentation will help you to learn to get what you need from a negotiating process by turning your perceived weakness into an advantage.

Closing a Sale Before You Start: A Guide to Make Closing Easier

A common complaint for salespeople and managers is that they do everything right except get a closed sale.  Often that’s because they view closing as a separate step in the sales process.  This program shows a way to make closing part of the entire sales process so that instead of creating tension and anxiety, the closed sale becomes a foregone conclusion.

Strategic Planning: Strategies for a Successful Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a hot-topic in today’s business environment from large multi-national companies all the way down to the pre-revenue start-up.  Before you start the planning process you need to plan how to approach the project.  This workshop will use proven techniques to help you launch your strategic planning process successfully and in a cost-effective manner.

Strategic Planning: Strategic Plan Facilitation & Development

Let our trained professionals facilitate your strategic plan either in your company’s conference room or at an offsite retreat location.  Professional facilitation is the most effective way to allow for everyone who needs to be involved in the planning and discussion process be able to fully contribute and listen without being burdened to oversee the structure and flow of the meeting itself.

America Divided: How America became so divided and what we can do about it.

From his book “How America Broke its Wings-The causes and effects of the right-left divide and how to repair it.”  You will learn that at the core of our problems in America today are a use of sloppy language and a lack of understanding of history. The presentation includes an alternative political continuum which when understood can be used to accurately identify, describe, and resolve our differences in America without becoming so dangerously divided.

Financing your business: the right way, the wrong way, the real way

To run a company you need access to capital.  But there are different types of capital and different sources for them.  Not matching the right source of funding to the appropriate use can lead to frustration and failure.  In addition to knowing how you should fund your business, you must understand the real world constraints of obtaining “ideal” funding at any particular point in time.  It is important to distinguish between debt, equity, and other sources and know when to use which.   It is also important to understand just what and what isn’t realistic in today’s market so you don’t waste valuable time in the funding process.

Getting more from your banker: How they work; What to ask for; How to get it.

Every business needs a bank and every businessman has to deal with a banker.  Communication often breaks down because the businessman thinks he’s dealing with a fellow businessman, he’s NOT!  Banks and bankers have an entirely different set of priorities than do businesses.  This seminar will teach you the fundamental difference between banks and business, the right questions to ask, and how to get what you really want and need from the banking process.

Keeping your business healthy: Early signs of business trouble and how to recognize them.

Every business owner hopes that their own company will never have to hire a “turnaround” consultant.  The expense, lost opportunities, and fear that come with having to have your company rescued are significant.  Fortunately, long before a business finds itself in a turnaround situation, there are a number of warning signs that usually present themselves.  Learning how to spot those signs and take swift corrective action can make the difference between success and bankruptcy.  This seminar will identify those early signs, tell you how to recognize them, and what action to take to prevent small problems from turning into larger problems.

Business Development, Sales, and Marketing: Relationships, differences, and how to plan for each.

Every business person knows the terms of business development, sales, and marketing.  Ask three different people to define each term and describe where one or the other stop or start and you will likely get three different answers.  Not understanding the relationships and differences between the three leads to missed opportunities and misspent dollars.  This seminar will provide, clear and functional distinctions between each of the three areas, show you how to create an effective plan, and how to make certain that each of the three plans is consistent with, and in support of, the other plans.  It is guaranteed to provide information you can take back to your desk and begin to use the same day.

How to argue persuasively: Getting the person across from you to buy your ideas.

Anyone who has ever tried unsuccessfully to change someone else’s mind knows the frustration of both sides walking away angry and frustrated.  Friendships can be lost, business relationships damaged, even marriages turned cold over an argument.  What’s worse, when those things happen, despite all the damage the other person still doesn’t agree with you!  In this very entertaining and effective seminar, attendees are taught that “arguing” is really a cousin to “selling” and if you want to get someone to agree with you it is better to think of it as a sales call than as a confrontation.  A specific, non-combative methodology is introduced to bring others around to your point of view.  The talk is filled with amusing anecdotes and true “conversion examples.